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Post by Milleeh on Fri Aug 31, 2012 5:16 am

Welcome to Milleeh's {MI5} Training!
I am(Trainer Name),your trainer for today.
Please do not speak while I am and wait for questions
There will be a test after this training, so be sure to pay close Attention!
Tell me if I am going too fast for you so I can slow down.
We won't stop for questions until each section is complete.

Okay, lets begin with the rules of {MI5}
1. You must respect all {MI5} Members, VIP's and Allies.
2. Always obey orders given by higher ranks.
3. Do not spam.
4. Do not talk in caps.
5. Always call a higher ranks Sir or Ma'am.
6. Never ask for pay, rights or promotions.
7. Never take a bribe from anybody.
8. Do not sell ranks or transfer somebody, only founders can.
9. Do not self-promote.
10. Stay calm at all times. and do not go AFK unless in AFK area!
If you Break any of the following rules you will be warned.
If you repeat this after your warning, you could be kicked, demoted or fired.
Any questions on the Rules of {MI5}?

Next are the Commands of the {MI5}

FTF - Fill the Front.
FTF means you need to work at the Front Desks where you were Recruited.
Remember to have them make their motto {MI5} Trainee
and have them join and favorite the badge!

FTS - Fill the Security
FTS means you need to Work at the switches to let Agents in,
and send trainees to the trainee waiting area.

FTT - Fill the Training Room
FTT means you need come in here to train the new Trainees.

FTB - Fill the Back.
FTB means you need to sit on the sofas behind FTF and wait until a space is free.

BTB - Back to Base.
BTB means you need to go back to the HQ.

ATT - Attention
ATT means you need to stand facing the commanding officer and wave.

AE - At ease
AE means you need to sit down.

Any questions on the {MI5} Commands?

Okay, next is the Ranking of the {MI5}
This is so you know who is Higher and Lower than you.
Agents, Security and Trainer are Lower Ranks.
They require the uniform provided.
If you do not wear uniform, you will be told to change, and eventually kicked.
SWAT, Geo Affairs, Executive, Strategist, Gov. Board,
Official, Chiefs and Commanders are High Ranks.
They Do not require a Uniform.
Do you have any questions on the Ranking of {MI5}?

Okay, time to move on to the test.
I hope you paid attention!
Make sure to tell me the answers in whisper.
Do you all know how to whisper?

Now please whisper to me to make sure it is working

Okay, you need to answer at least four of my questions correctly.
If not, you will need to re-do training.
Lets begin!

1. Should you Spam in the {MI5}?
2. What should you call Higher Ranks?
3. What Does FTF mean?
4. What do you do when told to ATT?
5. Are you higher or lower than Geo Affairs?
6. If were to give you a bribe of 20 coins now should you take it?
7. What is the first rule of MI5?

[-] Call all members who passed to ATT [-]

Congatulations you have passed {MI5} Training
Please make your motto {MI5} Agent {Trainer Code}

[-] Call all members who failed to ATT [-]

I am sorry to say that you have not passed the {MI5} Training
I will have to ask you to re-do this training session
Please go BTB now

Congrats to all of you again and you can go BTB aswell and get started working at FTF!

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