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Post by Milleeh on Fri Aug 31, 2012 5:14 am

This is the Terms for Each Division. Please keep in mind that all divisions will have there meetings scheduled for them now and everyone must attend. Look at the meetings section for more information. There will also be an order of succession which means it has to go up in the ranks there will be no more rapid promoting throughout the ranks (HR's and Up.)

Trainers - Will have the responsibility of making sure our members are trained to be competent, while having a willfulness to participate and get the job done right. The chief of this division has to make sure the trainers are all of different time zones to make sure there can always be a Trainer on Duty. Please keep in mind Chief and Deputy Chief Ranks are not to be promoted between.

Advertising - The purpose of the Advertising Division is to Ensure that {MI5} says active and holds up to all standards. The Job of the Chief of Advertising is to ensure that when the advertisers are advertising they are not breaking the habbo way, or infringing on the rules of other Allies. They will also work hand in hand with geographical affairs to get more allies and to protect friendships between allies. Please keep in mind that Chief and Deputy Chief Ranks are not to be promoted between.

Geographical Affairs - They will keep track of the allies Via the Forum. They will take in new data on all our allies, and make sure our allies keep to standard every month. If for some reason that the allies do not keep up to standard then the geographical affairs board will get together and discuss whom should be kicked or added to the allies list and give reports on it. The Chief of Geographical affairs will check to see that the advertising agencies stay out of Allies bases when advertising. Please keep in mind that Chief and Deputy Chief Ranks are not to be promoted between.

Executives and Strategists - Executives and Strategist will always work as a Team. The Executives are here to ensure that the base is efficiently running by the strategists rules, the strategists will give the executives ideas on how to run the base and how to make it work more strategically. Executives will put the ideas of the strategists into action upon a vote.

Board of Governors and HQ Officials - Our Board of Governors and HQ Officials will work as a Semi-Team. HQ Officials will watch and note how people work in the base they will discuss this in future meetings as they are scheduled frequently and discuss those who worked the best. They will then forward there suggestions to the Board Of Governors who will then have a meeting about how much each person deserves pay wise.

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