MI5 Ranks List

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MI5 Ranks List

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Special Agent

Leading Agent

Agent In Charge

Recruiting Agent

Agent Supervisor


Security Agent

Lead Security Agent

Secretary of Security

Head Of Security

Gate Keeper

Leader of Security

Head Gate Keeper


Learning Trainer

Basic Trainer

Advanced Trainer

Gate Trainer

Head Trainer

Staff Trainer


Advertising agent

Basic advertising agent

Advanced advertising agent

Special advertising agent

Lead advertising agent

Head advertising agent

Senior advertising agent

SWAT Squad:

Swat Agent

Swat Spy Agent

Swat Spy Detector

Lead Swat Spy

Leader Of Swat

Geographical Affairs:

Ally Affairs Agent

Advance Ally Affairs Agent

Senior Agent of Ally Affairs (Snr. Agent of AA)

Head Agent Of Allies.

Executive Leaders:

Trial Executive

Basic Executive


Advanced Executive

Archiver of Executives

Deputy Leader Of Executives

Leader Of Executives


Trial Strategist


Basic Strategist

Advanced Strategist

Archiver of Strategist

Senior Strategist

Deputy Leader Of Strategists

Leader Of Strategists


Trial Detective

Jr Detective


Sr Detective

Head Of Detectives


Director Of Detectives

Senior Leading Ranks

Government Board:

Trial Government Of Board

Lower Board Governor

Higher Board Governor

Senior Board Governor

Advanced Board Governor

Advisor To Board Of Governors

Leader Of Board Governors

Head Quarters Officials:

Trial Official


Agents Official

Security Official

Trainer Official

Chiefs Official

Executive Official

HQ Official

Chiefs & Assistants Of MI5

Deputy Chief Of MI5 Sections:

Deputy Chief Of Training

Deputy Chief Of Agents

Deputy Chief Of Security

Deputy Chief Of Advertising

Deputy Chief Of Geographical Affairs

Deputy Chief Of Swat

Deputy Chief Of Executives

Deputy Chief Of Strategists

Chiefs Of MI5 Sections:

Chief Of Training

Chief Of Agents

Chief Of Security

Chief Of Advertising

Chief Of Geographical Affairs

Chief Of Swat

Chief Of Executives

Chief Of Strategists

Commanders Of MI5


Trial Commander


Lower Rank Commander

High Rank Commander

Head Commander

Senior Commander

Commander In Chief

Founders Assistant

Imperium omnes Ordinum:

Experimentum Admissione

Disciplina Ad admissione

Simplex Imperium

Proficiebat Imperium

Summo Imperium

Computanti Imperium

Ministro De Humanum Jure

Vicarium summum Imperium

Principes Imperium

Founders Of MI5


Trial Founder {6IC}
LT Founder {5IC}
Founder {4IC}
HT Founder {3IC}
Supreme Founder {2IC}[u]

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